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Have you ever found yourself in the exasperating situation of misplacing your mobile device? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a nifty solution to help you locate your device quickly and easily – the Clap To Find Phone With Flash app developed by Dream Code Technology.

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As of its latest update on 08/10/2023, this app falls under the Tools category on the Android platform and has garnered over 2 thousand installations according to Google Play. Let’s delve into how this app simplifies the process of finding your phone.

How Clap To Find My Phone works?

The Clap To Find Phone With Flash app utilizes a clever combination of clapping and flashing lights to help you pinpoint your misplaced device. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it operates:

  1. Microphone Activation: The app employs your smartphone’s built-in microphone to listen for specific sound patterns or frequencies, such as the sound of clapping.
  2. Sound Recognition: When you clap your hands, the app’s algorithm processes the audio input from the microphone in real-time.
  3. Pattern Detection: The algorithm analyzes the sound patterns and determines whether they match the predefined clap pattern.
  4. Action Trigger: Upon recognizing the specific clap pattern, the app triggers an action, such as making the phone ring loudly, even if it’s in silent or vibrate mode.

Additional Features

  1. Lost Phone Alert: Once you’ve located your phone, you can use the Find My Phone app to track its location, even if it’s been stolen or lost.
  2. Find Phone by Whistle: The app offers an alternative method of locating your phone by using the combination of clapping and flashlight. It’s a quick way to find your device without extensive searching.
Clap to Find Phone with Flash

How to Use

If you misplace your device at home, simply clap your hands to activate the app and find your phone. The sound of your clapping triggers flashing lights on your device, making it visible even in the dark.

User Feedback

If you find the Find Phone by whistle or clap app helpful, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the review section. The developers at Dream Code Technology are open to recommendations and can be contacted through their provided email ID.


The app supports a wide range of devices, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, and various tablets. It’s available for free download directly from the Google Play Store, with no registration or login requirements. Read also Yacine TV 2.1 APK

What’s New

How Clap To Find My Phone works?

Check the “What’s New” section for the latest updates and improvements in version 1.4.

Next time you can’t find your phone, consider using the Clap To Find Phone With Flash app for a quick and efficient solution. Download it now and make the process of locating your device a breeze!

Features of Clap To Find My Phone

  1. Easy Configuration: Simply clap to configure and get started with this intuitive tool. No complex setup procedures; just a clap away from securing your phone.
  2. Clap Triggered Alarm: Clap your hands, and let the app trigger a loud alarm. An effective way to locate your phone in various settings by relying on the sound of your claps.
  3. Mobile Torch on Clap: This feature adds versatility to the app, turning it into a cell phone finder with the convenience of a built-in torch activated by clapping.
  4. Popular App: Clap to Find My Phone is renowned as one of the most popular apps in the category. Trusted by users for its simplicity and effectiveness.
  5. Don’t Touch My Phone Security: This app serves dual purposes, acting as both a phone locator and a security alarm. It ensures the safety of your device with a don’t-touch-my-phone alert.
  6. Anti-Theft Alarm: Experience the peace of mind that comes with an anti-theft alarm. The app acts as a safeguard against unauthorized access and potential theft.
  7. Flashlight on Call and SMS: Enjoy the convenience of a flashlight activated during incoming calls and SMS. Enhances visibility in low-light situations.
  8. Phone Locator App: Clap to find my phone transforms your device into a reliable phone locator. Easily discover your phone’s location with a simple clap.
  9. Whistle Phone Finder: In addition to clapping, the app responds to whistling, providing users with alternative methods to find their phone quickly.
  10. Professional Tool: Considered a professional tool for locating lost phones, this app stands out by detecting clapping sounds and triggering a loud alarm for easy retrieval.
  11. Speak to Find Phone: Alongside clapping and whistling, the app supports voice activation, allowing users to locate their phones by simply speaking.
  12. Flashlight on Incoming Call: The app enhances incoming calls with a flashlight feature, ensuring you don’t miss important calls in the dark.
  13. User-Friendly: With its user-friendly interface and diverse features, Clap to Find My Phone offers a simple yet effective solution to the common problem of misplaced phones.
  14. Find My Device: A versatile app that not only locates your phone but can be used as a find my device tool for a range of Android devices.
  15. Flashlight Torch Feature: The app incorporates a flashlight torch feature that activates during calls and alerts, providing additional utility.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, Clap to Find My Phone brings a variety of features to make phone location and security a breeze. Download now to experience the convenience of this multifunctional app.

Clap to Find Phone with Flash apk download


Misplacing your phone is a common and frustrating experience that happens to everyone from time to time. Luckily, the Clap to Find My Phone app provides a simple solution by allowing you to locate your phone with just a few claps. Beyond its phone-finding capabilities, this app boasts additional features like a flashlight on call, flash alerts for notifications and SMS, SMS and caller name talker, call blocking, battery level alerts, and PIN protection. Download also Audible MOD APK .

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